Friday Link Love!

Feliz Fridays everyone!  As the days start getting shorter I can't help but love the slight chill in the summer air.  Here is a little bit of link love to get your weekends going.  

Obsessed with this baby! (Huffington Post)

The must have hat this you're an LA fan or not (Urban Outfitters)

What happens when you stop washing your face? (The Coveteur)

There are two types of people in this world....I'm the little boy (The Clearly Dope)

Recently started using this "foundation" ever (Nordstrom)

The US Gymnastics team saw Hamilton after Rio...b/c life wasn't perfect enough (Bustle)

Brussels sprouts are so hot right now (The Everygirl)

That thing about becoming fearless (Pinterest)

How to eat like a local on the road (New York Times)

Happy Weekends! 

- Diana 

Photo via. Pinterest

Diana Morales