Navajo Weave Rugs are so Hot Right Now

If you're an Instagram addict like me, you might have noticed the Navajo rug weave trend that is sweeping the nation.  This trend isn't a new trend but having a big moment in home decor. Navajo weaving dates back to the early traces of our nations history and originated from the Navajo people of the Four Corners region of the US. The actual commercialization of these textiles dates back to the 1800s as settlers began to cross west after the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.  Today over 200 years later the historical trend is more alive than ever, as we (esp myself) look to outfit our homes with these timeless pieces of our American History. 

Current room crushes 

Love how the faded, well worn look of this rug accompanied by the hints of pinks against this white wall room. The blanket ladder is such a perfect touch to this entire aesthetic. 

This nursery is the perfect hint on minimal with this gorgeous pink I want a baby just to decorate a room like this! 

A couple of my current favorites rugs