Weekend Glory

Currently save in my Instagram Folder 

Currently save in my Instagram Folder 

What are you plans this weekend?  I actually intend on relaxing and hanging out with "long lost" pals, eating delicious Balkan foods, spinning my heart out and drinking gorgeously green juices.  Here are a couple of my favorite things for this beautiful week! 

Currently obsessed with these shades, they're cool right? (Warby Parker)

Have you seen my latest Mermaid inspired meal? (Instagram)

6 Ways Baskets can transform your home (Meus)

The perfect summer sandal is here....WANT (Moda Operandi)

Ushering spring with this DIY Floral Arrangement is going to be such a treat (Coco Kelley)

Women in Politics....FIERCE (Spartan Shop)

Nicole Kidman's weird clapping explained....thank the lord I can sleep at night again (Huff Post)

A little song to get your weekends going! (Youtube)

Happy Weekends! 


Diana Morales