Weekend Thoughts and Link Love

The last three weeks, well they have felt like actual months, years, eons. I have been a harsh critic of a lot of different things....as I believe most of us have. When I see friends, and yes even family fight on social media about the differences that clearly exist between us all, well it makes me anxious.  As we continue to march forward I want to remember that there is good in the world, that love prevails, and what is right will always be right. I leave you this week (in which I know I haven't blogged much) with some good reads to get your weekend going. 

Check out My New Roots lovely print shop (Lonny)

Speaking of MNR, her new book comes bout Tuesday! (Amazon

This Taylor Speech deserved to be an inspirational video (Lust Local)

Sometimes we just need to look at incredible photos of the ocean (Mashable)

I lived like Anna Wintour, I needed this (Man Repeller)

My current skincare splurge...that is totally worth EVERY penny (Barney's New York)

Stop apologizing for the Pop-Culture you love (Wit & Delight)

A little diddy to sooth your soul this blistery winters day. Happy Friday.