SuperBowl Weekend Reads!

I'm just here for the cheese.

I'm just here for the cheese.

Cue in Football Music here.  So I'm not exactly a big sports watcher, unless it's the finals at Wimbledon or Women's Gymnastics at the Olympics which only happens every four years or watching the NATs in the Spring.  Although Football isn't exactly my thing I do love to eat the food at Super Bowl Parties, or just eat food at my house while the game is on in the background and I'm waiting for Beyonce or Bruno to show up. If you're like me then and will probably not be paying attention to the game here are a few links to keep you occupied till GAGA comes in. 

Celebrity stylist Kristin Ess has created her own product line for Target!!! (Refinery 29)

Patton Oswalt on becoming a single dad...all of sudden (GQ)

It's Oscar season and here's how to throw a killer award show party (Camille Styles)

The Truth about Sensitive Skin (Well + Good)

I need this Spinach and Fennel Pizza in my vida! (Naturally Ella)

The MOMA takes a stand, displays art from banned countries (NYT)

How to build a meal with My New Roots Founder (The Chalkboard Mag)

Obsessed with this blanket scarf (Shoptiques)

Happy Superbowling!!!