What We Can All Learn From Adele and Beyonce at the Grammys

"When women support other women, amazing things happen." 

If you didn't see this happen last night you've probably seen it plastered everywhere on the internet, but basically Adele won the most coveted award any artist could dream of receiving from the Recording Academy and proclaimed that she didn't deserve it. The reality is Adele's album 25 was phenomenal and deserving of all the awards in the world....but Beyonce's Lemonade, well it was a Musical Movement.  And rather than just thank the Academy, Adele... Thanked and honored Beyonce for the being her idol and how amazing the Lemonade album truly was.

At a time when women need to continue to nourish and support each other, Adele did just that on the world stage.  She used her influence as a white woman to draw attention to a beautiful Black narrative that everyone was captured by this year, a narrative that is as prevalent now as it has been through out the history of this country. It should us that people with influence can make an impact in writing wrongs. In turn Beyonce showed dignity, humility, and grace as Adele rolled out the accolade, as she always does. 


Image via. Billboard