Sweat Local at Zengo Cycle

This past weekend after taking some time off from working out to preserve my body I hit up Zengo Cycle for their opening weekend ride at their new location in the Mosaic District.  I was very lucky and was able to snag one of their free rides, I was stoked to try the first actual cycle blog this side of the beltway.  I must admit I don't attend many spin studios, but I'm always up for a new challenge and of course a fo' free class!

The location for this studio is kind of perfect, it sits right off the main drag and is not only accessible but has parking literally right on top of it (unlike many other area studios where parking can be legit terrible.)  Once inside you're in a clean cool studio with a great attentive staff there to answer all your needs, comments, and concerns.  The locker room area is great with plenty of locker space for people attending and modern lock machines that I'm sure people with more brain cells than me can operate.  To the sides you'll find super clean bathrooms that are actually stocked with plenty of personal care products.

The class is set up a la Spin Studio Amphitheater mode with the spin instructor bike surrounded by worshipping cyclist.  The bikes are the Schwin Bike which Equinox lovers will recognize and are easy to man handle.  The pedals of course are set up for clip in bike shoes which lets face it I'm not a fan of but do serve their function well.  Also the rental price for these puppies is 3 bucks a pop so if you make spin a habit just buy some.

The class itself was dark, cool, collected but anything but calm.  The instructors energy was infections, positive and really got this girl going.  I mean I really don't think I've in a spin studio class I liked so much.  I was challenged and was able to keep up to speed through the instructors well crafted sequence.  Now this studio offers the weights option, which is basically pumping some iron (a very micro amount.)  I'm not exactly the biggest fan of pumping iron on a bike but to each their own right?

Over all this work out kicked my tush, it was energetic and really got my weekend going.  I am ready for my next round!