Sweat Local at SolidCore

Have you ever felt like someone was lighting your abs on fire?  Welp that's exactly how I felt after my first workout at SolidCore in Ballston.  Now I had been dying to try SolidCore since I heard some girl raving about it at Yoga the day before, according to this girl it was the hardest workout she'd ever done.....I was intrigued.  Then I began researching the studios in my area and found out that Michelle Obama actually takes class at SolidCore and well if it's good enough for FLOTUS then it's good enough for the Women on a Whim.  So it being my first time going there I took them up on their first time victim client special to try the class for $19 bucks which compared to some other places in this town...ain't so bad.  I headed over during one of their off-peak hours ($23 regularly) that only had one other person signed up because if this was going to be hard/challenging/possibly humiliating.... the less people who saw it, the better.

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 10.34.48 AM.png

The SolidCore workout consist of slow movements on a torture device from the dark ages Megaformer, which is essentially a big Pilates machine only big-boned and with different features.  Now I attend sculpt yoga very religiously and have had my way with a Pilates reformer before so I went in to the workout of moving your muscles to the point of failure with a lot of confidence.  A lot of blind confidence.  You know that thing of when you're in a plank holding your body weight and balancing a Megaformers weight with your feet and then you're crying or sweating and you just can't even tell b/c your body is in pain and you're concentrating on not dying on that machine?  Well that's how the first five minutes of this work out felt for me... in a good/bad way.  Bad because I kept cursing under my breathe at myself for ever signing up and good because it's an incredible workout.

The slow movements on the machine actually do help tone, lift and refine your body.  The targeted area the "core" did feel incredible afterward, and the burning muscle sensation stayed alive for a couple of days.  Overall this workout was hard, it pushed me to my limits and well I got what I paid for which was a killer workout that would leave me sore for a couple of days. Will I return to SolidCore?  But of course the studio space is great, the instructor was a fantastic leader, actually I'm signed up for a class later this week.

Happy Sweating!


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