On Solo Travel

"Aren't you afraid of going alone?  Is it safe?  Won't you be lonely?"  These questions kept popping up right before my trip to Mexico from the people that knew I'd be heading down to the Riviera Maya for the week alone.  Truth be told I was a little frighten not by the trip but by the concerns every one and my mom seem to be having.  While I have never really traveled "alone" internationally I travel alone all the time.  I've traveled to states and cities alone.  I spend afternoons alone in the city, I eat alone with my books in quiet restaurants, I explore the city, and I attend weddings or functions with mostly couples alone...and to be honest the later of these options is usually the loneliest thing I do.  I'm usually often on my own.


What ended up happening when I got to Mexico and spent the next week "alone" was just magic.  While I was physically alone there I found myself accompanied by adventure.  I explored ruins, ate at yummy restaurants, I read books I'd been meaning to read, took zillions of gorgeous pictures, rode a bike up and down the coast, I laid on gorgeous beaches and soaked it all in.  Then something else happened, the cherry on top of the sundae have you, I made friends.  I ended up my mere chance meeting two gals at my hotel that were also traveling and they too had met others on their journey.  What I learned from these two gorgeous ladies I can never repay.  They both showed me what it was to be brave and comfortable on your own two feet, they're kindness, humor, and company just made an already perfect time even better.  We literally split everything at the Hartwood, drank Mezcal's,  ate delicious ice cream, and talked about life.  It was just perfect, almost as if I had known them my whole life.  When it came to being "afraid"  I have to be honest and say I felt safer in Mexico then I have in seedy parts of cities I've gone to before or late nights in my very own town.  You don't have to be afraid of new places as long as you know your surroundings.

So you see you're never really truly alone when you have yourself, your journey, and maybe just a couple of new friends along the way.