Brunch Local at Medium Rare

When it comes to Brunch you have to learn how to play the game.  From reservations to whats yum to whats the best deal you can get the Brunch Game is something you have to learn to play.  I've been attending Brunch in one way or another my whole life, it's something I pride myself with.  This past weekend after months of craving this Brunch I made my way to Medium Rare in NW with my roommate for their Bottomless Brunch Special.  All you can drink Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Screw Drivers, and a two course meal for $23, yes I said $23.

First of all don't be a fool and make reservations, this place is poppin' and you'll need reservations, so don't be fool and don't get schooled by an hour wait.  Even though we had reservations we did have to wait a couple of minutes which was fine because you can head over to the bar and start drinking your little heart away which is exactly what we did.

After we were seated we immediately had oven fresh bread served and our drinks topped off.  We both ended ordering the Steak and Eggs, with each picking either the parfait or salad to start with.

I ordered the parfait which I'll be honest was probably the best parfait I've ever had.  The yogurt used for it was tasty and the mixture of granola and dried fruit was blissful.  My roommate went for the fresh salad, which was kind of basic/boring but tasty.

And then came the main course:

We both then had the Steak and Eggs brought over for our main course.  Alright full disclosure but I happen to be a bit of a Steak snob, having grown up eating ridiculously delicious steaks and even now cooking myself a steak every other week for dinner.  Having said that I'll say this the Steak was cooked to a perfect Medium Rare and came along with a tasty thick au jus sauce with a bunch of stuff mixed in I think...I can't be too sure as it's called their "secret sauce.  Over all the steak itself was good, not great but good.  The fries we're a little blah and not as crispy as I would have hoped for Steak Frittes.  The best part of the meal was actually the poached egg which was cooked to perfection.  Over all the main meal itself was just OK.  But as my roommate said "you don't come to this brunch for the food, you come here for the drinks."  Which is 100% accurate the drinks are on point.  ON POINT.  They are yummy, your glass is never empty, and over all the ambiance here is great.  Medium Rare is pretty much a perfect brunch place for those looking for a great deal, however if you're looking for a great steak maybe come here at dinner time which I hear is off the hook.

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