Brunch Local at Clyde's Willow Creek Farm

I met up with dear friends of mine this past weekend for brunch at Clyde's Willow Creek Farm in Ashburn, VA.  One of the friends I hadn't seen since she gave birth to her adorable baby two months ago and the other I hadn't seen since December.  Needless to say I was long over due to have a nice catch up with these lovely ladies, and an adorable little baby.

Clyde's Willow Creek Farm is basically the crown jewel of the Clyde's family of restaurants.  This place is utter perfection.  The restaurant is built from antique buildings that the group that owns Clyde's saved from demolition in the later part of the 20th century, and the barn is an actual barn from the 19th Century.  This place looks and feels as perfectly authentic as it sounds, and the foods not bad either.

I love brunches were everyone gets something different.  They're just better, for sharing purposes.  Fajita (nickname of pal) went for the Chesapeake Bennie (Arnold) which included two perfectly poached eggs topped with jumbo lump crab meat with hollandaise and old bay drizzled on top and accompanied with fresh asparagus.  NOM.

Now since I've been eating healthy due to trainings decided to get sloppy and just dig into a massive burger.  Since I was here I was going to get the namesake burger and went with the Willow Creek Burger.  Bison Beef topped with cheddar, bacon jam (YES), topped with a bourbon BBQ sauce and fried was heaven, basically.

I have to be honest I was quite in shock this place wasn't busier for Sunday Brunch, as it's pretty busy at all other times and I'm not complaining but people of Loudoun County do you realize that this is the BRUNCH everyone would be lucky to have?

Bon appetit!


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