Battle of the Fancy Water Bottles: BKR Vs. Swell

Hydration is something I've become serious about in the last year, I try to drink as much water as I can during the day to stay hydrated during all of my activities.  Water bottles have become one of my daily accessories that you can always find in my bag, on my desk, or next to my yoga mat.  I do love water I do not however want to waste plastic bottles, so a while ago I started investing in water bottles from Sigg to the Brita filtering bottle.  However, I wasn't ever really a fan of either.  Fact is after a couple days these bottles started to either have a tin like smell or just a sour smell (I KNOW HOW GROSS THAT SOUNDS.)

Just when I thought there was not such thing as a perfect water bottle two new bottles challenged me to a drink off.  It all started with the glass BKR bottle in Scout.  This bottle has been all the rage at pilates, barre, and yoga.  The soda lime glass bottle is covered by a thick yet soft silicone sleeve that is durable.  This bottle is actually great, it's a gorgeous minimal design, the cap can actually be looped and its portable.  With that said the does condense a bit and you can't freeze or put hot liquids in this bottle or it will break.  The mouth opening is quite small and it's really hard to get it clean if you do not have a small bottle brush.  And although I have dropped it and it's been fine it is still glass and can break.

And then walked in the S'well Bottle.  I started seeing this bottle pop up at local shops and carried by some pretty fit ladies at the gyms I frequent that I was pretty excited when I had a gift card and coupon to purchase one from an independent vendor.  I went with the 17 Oz. Bikini Pink bottle, since it was basically the only one not out of stock.  Again these go quick so if you find one you may want to buy it.  What really attracted me to this bottle was it's claim to keep liquids cold for 24 hours and keep hot liquids hot for up to 12 hours, what kind of dark magic is this?!  The bottle is a little heavy, not ridiculously heavy but you could smack someone and get the point across heavy.  The weight is probably due to the fact that the bottle is double walled with stainless steel.  The cap of the bottle will vacuum seal once secured preventing leaks and keeping the liquid inside fresh.  This bottle is perfect for keeping water cold, smoothies cold and fresh and wine cold on hot summer evenings at Wolf Trap!  Yes the bottle is awesome so I decided to invest in a second.  The next time I went for a 9 OZ bottle with the Santorini print so that I could put coffee into it on the mornings I leave early for yoga and don't actually drink coffee for a couple hours and guess what?  My coffee is still hot and steamy when I finally get to it.  The only thing that I don't like is I'm already starting to see paint wearing off my my pink bottle...

Over all the big winner here is the S'well bottle.  I mean it keeps liquids cold forever (ok so like a whole day) and liquids hot for 12 hours.  The BKR is gorgeous, but the swell is all that and a gallon of water.

The smoothie pictured is a modified version of the S'well Official Greene Colada...I call mine the If you like Pina CoColada Smoothie.

3/4 Coconut Water

1/2 a Banana

Handful of frozen pina

2 Handfuls of spinach

1/2 tablespoon of Coconut Butter

Happy shopping and drinking!