The DC Gal and Her DC Bag

DC gets a bad rap when it comes to fashion, but in all honestly I can't help but swoon at peoples flawless outfits and accessories everyday. With their flawless outfits I can't help but see four classic bags pop up on their shoulders.

Le Pliage Large Tote by Longchamp: This bag basically always accompanies a structured gal, organized, almost always a bit preppy. You're a classic Jackie Kennedy, you might be wearing Jack Roger sandals and Brooks Brothers. Classic girls wear pearls and of course the Le Pliage. Also teach me your secrets on keeping a bag together. I try carrying this bag a few times a week, I live a lie.

The Transport Leather Tote by Madewell. You're one cool chick, you know the places to brunch, where to shop, and your long bob is out of this world cute. You were ahead of the curb with the Birkenstock trend and have probably already figured out which Frye boots are the next big hit. Can we be friends?

The I'm a Workout Bag but you can put a Laptop in Me Bag by Lululemon. If you're this girl you're one busy bee, and you really just need something big enough to fit your entire life. This bag carries your workout gear, running shoes, wallet, planner, laptop and has a pocket for your oversized water bottle. You can also strap a 5 pound Manduka yoga mat to this bag and feel like you've got the world together. This is my bag I carry, it's pretty accurate...I carry my entire life in this bag, it is my lifeline.

The O.G. by Lo and Sons. This bag is the mother of dragons, it is understated sophistication and elegance. You've got your Schnitzel together and your DVF wrap dress is the thing that goddesses are made of. You've got the word on a string and you might be sitting on a rainbow. I want to be you.

All four bags are simply perfect for ladies on the go go go.


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