Eat Local at Buttercream Bakeshop

This past weekend I treated myself in between events to a couple of pastries from the newly opened Buttercream Bakeshop in Shaw.  This place is seriously the cutest, everything an serial Instagramer hopes for in a location.  The brain child of local famed pastry chef Tiffany Maclsaac this place is quite the lovely escape in a fast paced hustle and bustle city.  It is seriously perfection.

These gals make a seriously delicious mocha btw....I'm sure the rest of the coffee is ridiculous too.

Now this's called the Passion Fruit Flakie....and it is the most delicious pastry I've had my entire life....entire  LIFE.  The layers covering the passion fruit filling flake off magically into your heart and when you get to the passion fruit's as if life hasn't existed before this moment and now you've truly lived...I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating...but I'm not.

So if you find yourself in Shaw..or really anywhere on the East Coast this week The Buttercream Bakeshop is where it's at.