Dine Local at Rose's Luxury

I've waited in line for a restaurant exactly one other time in my life.  It was The Hartwood in Tulum and well it was the world renowned Hartwood in Tulum.  When I heard about Rose's Luxury and that it was the place to eat, and had been named by Bon Appetite as the Best New Restaurant in America in 2014 I knew I had to try it.  When I heard there was a line, well I was slightly turned off.  Again I'd only ever waiting in a line line before but after talking to a renowned area foodie about this "transformative" restaurant I knew I needed to head over.

This place is just dreamy once you actually get in.  Every inch of this place has been curated to fit this modern American dream in the middle of  a hustle and bustle city. 

From it's Fairytale lights to it's iconic Awesome sign everything just comes together perfectly.  It's like walking through a secret garden.  Just splendid.

We started off our dinner with the Vietnamese Pate, accompanied with garlic bread and pickled cucumbers.  When it comes to this dish, lets just put it this way my roommate who doesn't like any kind of pate ever loved this dish.  The pate is blended with herbs and spreads perfectly not only over the garlic bread, but also over the potato bread we devoured at the same time.

For my main dish I went for the Pork Sausage, Habanero, Peanuts and Lychee Salad.  This little bowl of heaven is just what the doctor ordered.  This gorgeous salad is accompanied with a foam and when it is all mixed together an odd blending of all the elements  creates a most tasteful salad.

Also on the table we had Grill Hanger Steak with Japanese Mustard, Eel Sauce and Tokyo Scallions.  The steak cooked to a rare plus was thinly sliced and laid over a bed of what I assume to be mashed  cauliflower?  I didn't eat that part but the seasoning on the steak was delicious and when paired with eel sauce it just worked.  The other main dish ordered that night was the Crispy Softshell Crab served with white asparagus and vinaigrette.  You really cannot go wrong with crab around here in the summer...it's what we do best.

We then saved room for not one but three desserts, yes you heard me right.  I'll start from the top and go clockwise.  I ordered the Eggplant Tarte Tatin, which was simply perfection.  I never thought of eggplant as a dessert but it worked, it was sweet and tender and just everything that should be in a decadent dessert.  My roommate went for the Coconut Milk Ice Cream which came over kiwi, toasted coconut, and caramel.  The key with this dessert is to put the spoon on the top and dig in.  Lastly there is the Corn Creme Brulee, which had a very authentic taste to the Spanish drink Atole de Elote which was a childhood favorite of mine.  Oh these thing was delish and was accompanied by the in season blueberries.  Over all just desserts.

Rose's Luxury was worth getting to the line around 4:15 PM on a week night and waiting till about 5:30 to actually get my name on the list.  Will I do it again?  Maybe, because this place is delightful.

Bon appetite,



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