Brunch Local at Founding Farmers

The first time I went to Founding Farmers I actually had kind of an awful experience.  The service that time wasn’t great and the food was ehh.  As I will give things a go once I didn’t ever really consider going back to well not so great experiences. However a friend really wanted to try it out for brunch a couple of days ago so I gave it another good. This time I walked away pleasantly surprised and yearning for more.  The brunch at Founding Farmers is up to par to it’s contemporaries in the city and I’m glad I gave it another go.

We started out brunch with their infamous Beignets. Now I had never had actual “Louisiana” styled puffy “dumplings” and was over the moon with these bad boys.  They were so buttery and soft and just melted when being devoured. The sauces that accompanied them were just delicious, I especially loved the caramel.

We each indulged in the magical bean that is coffee, my pal Alicia with one of their delicious cappuccinos and I with a latte.  Oh man this coffee was everything I didn’t know I needed, just the right blend of coffee and milk. I can understand why their coffee is so highly regarded.

 For our main meals Alicia went for the oatmeal which is her all time favorite thing there, and how could it not be it is literally the biggest bowl of oatmeal I’ve ever seen for less than $10 bucks. The oatmeal came with the most delicious looking toppings.  She looked as if she was in pure heaven.

I went for their Roasted Veggie Scramble with a side of hash browns.  This dish was just delectable.  I’m not one for putting broccoli in my scrambles but it works so well here that it was hard not falling in love with the entire dish all together.  We also split two of the house bacons, the black pepper maple and sweet and sour….black pepper wins for overall spot in my heart, I love bacon and all but not with sweet and sour//it just wasn’t doing it for me.  I semi wish I could go back in time and have gotten the Texas BBQ styled bacon… or just bacon in it’s natural crispy goodness. 

Brunch at Founding Farmers is a DC Staple, it’s clear why it’s popular: the food is good, the farm to table message is beautifully executed, and the service is on par (please excuse that one time.)  Tip for those of you interested in this brunch: making a reservation is a MUST! Otherwise you’ll be waiting forever and ever for a table at this DC Yum Spot.

Bon Appetit,

-D M 

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