Creating a Quality Cheese Board

Entertaining is something I love to do, time to do it however is scarce in my life.  I can appreciate when I do see a good board and have put together have ideas on how to create a a quality cheese board! Enjoy!

  • You want to offer a small variety of cheeses, I usually try to stick to a Brie, Goat, Cheddar
  • Crackers are a must, as well as bread slices
  • Include some sort of preserve, usually taste amazing with cheese
  • Olives are always a popular addition
  • Grapes are usually an honorable additions
  • Get a little nutty add pecans, walnuts, almonds, even cashews
  • The cheese tray doesn’t have to be super fancy, use a no-fuss tray or plate
  • Invest in good cheese slicers/knives.  My Lust list includes these beauties
  • Lazy?  Buy an already put together fancy tray like this one
  • I like buying my cheeses for parties at Trader Joes, that place has an amazing variety at great prices

There you have it, all you need is wine to get the party started!!