Dine Local at DGS Delicatessen

Walking in the Mosaic District is always an adventure where you find a new place you may of not quite known much about or heard about.  Since the area is an up and coming location for emerging local food joints I was quite excited to see a Delicatessen join the ranks. Historically Delicatessen roots from the German word délicatesse, which means "delicious things to eat."  In the United States the Delicatessen has become an urban institution, a place to gather and eat delicious sandwiches made to order, or hot foods made to order.  While many delicatessens are more "faster service" DGS Delicatessen brings a fine dining approach to the traditional deli aspect with it's gorgeous white walls, beautiful red leather booths, and expansive top notch bar.

When we walked into DGS on an early Sunday eve we were pleasantly surprised to find that they had a happy hour going on...on a Sunday?  We were even more surprised to find out that DGS has happy hour everyday from four to seven...say what?!  Can we all just take a moment to bask in the glory that is a seven days a week happy hour? (Insert prayer emoji mentally here.)

We ended up sitting at the bar to enjoy a drink while we waited for a table, but after two minutes of talking to Paul the tender of bar we decided to park ourselves and just eat dinner at the bar.  We both went for beer since it'd been a long day.  We both knew we were going to get sandwiches so after a couple of recommendations we each ordered a different version of the corned beef sandwich.

My roommate Q ended up opting for The Country Club, the challah bread based sandwich was topped with pastrami, roasted turkey, swiss cheese, with a Russian Dressing.  Served with coleslaw and a traditional deli pickle.

I opted for the more traditional Andrea's Delight, a straight up corned beef sandwich, topped with swiss, coleslaw, Russian dressing on top of a double baked rye.  Heaven.  It was simply all delicious.  We also split fries...because fries before guys....am I right?

We weren't going to do it, we weren't I swear but we ended up getting treated to dessert.  And I'm glad we did.  I couldn't find it on the site exactly but the carbs that ensued we're a bread pudding topped with ice cream.  This dessert was absolute decadence.  We also had some brownie thingy with ice cream and the sugar works.  Both items really were the just desserts that sent me in to a food coma you wouldn't believe.

This place is simply delicious.  The staff is lovely and the food just on point.  Quite the place to spend any brunch, lunch, dinner, or hora feliz.


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